We've been specializing in Acoustic instruments since 1972 and we are sure we've got the guitar for you. We have wall after wall of shop adjusted, easy to play, great sounding guitars from entry level instruments to a huge selection that will make any advanced player happy. Just play one of the new  Guitars or  any one of the fine used instruments hanging on our wall and it will prove to you that you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for first rate sound and looks. We also have a good stock of Electric Acoustics that will please your ears, eyes and pocketbook as well as an acoustic amp or two.  Our wall of Guitars includes a variety of instruments from a number of makers. — plus an ever changing array of used instruments,

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Electric  Guitars, Basses  & Amps

If your looking for some screaming good deals on some of the hottest guitars ----we've got them . Ranging from great, easy to play inexpensive  entry level guitars for everybody to stage worthy instruments, you'll find it all here.  We usually have a good selection of used instruments all set up to play like a dream! We also have a large selection of both new and used basses .

 Amps? You bet!

If you're looking for a guitar for your child, We can certainly help you. We have a large selection of quality Children’s guitars, so we can find that "Just Right" guitar for your child. If you think that an instrument that is small and cheap is the answer, you're missing the big picture. If you're serious about your child playing guitar, you want them to have a guitar that they will succeed on. That means that it has to be the correct size (Too small guitars don't play in tune when tuned to pitch), It has to have a playable action -That means that the strings need to be close to the fingerboard to be able to be pressed down easily- and it has to sound reasonably good. What you get at the Golden Ring is over 40 years of experience of picking the best instruments for the money, and we adjust EACH ONE, right here at the store, so they play easily for young fingers - No Department store does that and actually most retail stores don't take the time to do this. We can find the guitar for your child that Looks good, feels good and sounds good. Do our guitars cost a lot? No! We have great kids guitars that won’t cost you a fortune. Granted, they aren't as cheap as the piles of cheap "student guitars" you can find at the local department store, but they aren't toys either. Choices? Not just one or two, but lots of brands, as well as lots of color choices, If you really want your child to succeed, give him or her a good start with a guitar from the Golden Ring.

Children’s Guitars Ukuleles

UKES are hot these days and The Golden Ring has always had the best selection in the area–-ranging from kid friendly Kics ukes to pro Oscar Schmidt and Eddy Finn ukes. Lots of brands, woods, and colors -Soprano, Concert and Tenors– We’re sure we have the uke that willmake you smile. We also stock plenty of books - both instruction and song books. Accessories? You Bet!  We have Aquilla Strings (The best sounding string on the market!) Cool Cases, Electronic uke tuners and more !

Folk Instruments -Banjos - Dulcimers - Mandolins

Since 1972 the Golden Ring has been known for it’s selection affordable quality Folk instruments as well as its huge selection of hard to find instruction and songbooks for those instruments.  We Usually Have a good selection of 5-string banjos, and unlike most stores we stock both “Old Time”open back banjos as well as bluegrass models. This is also true of our huge book collection of banjo books - a lot of hard to find clawhammer books as well as bluegrass. In the Mandolin department you’ll find some great deals in both “A” style and “F” style instruments, both new and used. Mountain Dulcimers? We’ve been playing, teaching and selling them for over 40 years, so we can aim you in the right direction - and we have the largest selection of dulcimer books in the state.


For playing Classical music, pop songs and more it’s a violin, for an Old Time String Band or Bluegrass player it’s a fiddle, and as such has been an important part of music since our country began. In the past finding a good instrument to begin with was difficult and expensive. If you joined the orchestra at school, you probably would rent one. Today, however things have changed. Here at the Golden Ring we have spent time to find the best affordable violins for our customers. We set them up to play wonderfully! For more discriminating Violin players we carry a wide range of top quality violins and usually have an ever changing selection of used instruments as well. Stop in and to see what’s in stock.

Percussion & Small Instruments

We have so many instruments that don't fall into any standard category and our stock changes quickly, but we carry all sorts of small percussion, harmonicas, kazoos and the like. Celtic instruments like pennywhistles, bodhrans, Djembes, Buffalo Drums  and much more, stop in and check our wide variety !

Acoustic & Acoustic Electric Guitars Electric Guitars &  Basses Folk Instruments (Mandolins, Dulcimers, Banjos, Violins etc.) Check Out What’s New & Hot ! Music on the Lakeshore Since 1972 UKES !!!!! Here’s What You’ll Find at the Golden Ring !