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Folk Instruments Music on the Lakeshore Since 1972

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In mint condition…A Super sounding and  easy playing ALL SOLID WOOD mandolin. It features a solid spruce top as well as maple back and sides.  It sounds amazing and plays like a dream. It includes the original hardshell case. If you want great sound and playability you can’t go wrong at $SOLD New list was $969.95)

If you’re a beginning Bluegrasser and are thinking you can’t afford a decent F style mandolin, You’ll be surprised when to pick up this Indiana Mandolin. We’ve set it up with Curt Mangan Strings and it really barks. Best of all it’s only $299.95

Morgan Monroe’s “ Hobo”          Old Time Banjo

Classic Old time open back banjo Featuring a rolled brass tone ring, Fyberskin old time head, planetary Ashton Bailey tuners (including a geared 5th String tuner), a rosewood fingerboard and a mahogany rim. A great banjo with that old time sound. $399.95

1960’s Vega Ranger Tenor Banjo

This banjo has been caught in a time warp– it’s a virtually new American made (Boston) tenor banjo made in (according to the serial numbers) 1966 or 1967. It includes the original hardshell case (Also in amazing condition). The old Vega banjos are legendary and this one is priced about the same as a decent import. $599.95

Morgan Monroe MMS-8a (2005)

Another 2005 vintage “Like New” Korean Made Mandolin from the near top of the line. This A style mandolin features a solid carved spruce top and solid flamed maple sides and back. A perfect mandolin for Celtic, old time, folk and blues perfectionists. Great sound, playability and with it’s hand applied vintage satin finish -appearance With hard case just $SOLD

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