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Please Keep in mind that what you see here is a fraction of what we have in stock! Please Come and visit !

We found these in a crashed flying saucer in Taus and grabbed as many as we could before the government could cart them away to Area 51. They are guaranteed to be  able to play the five tones from “Close Encounter”. You know Sputnik fest is coming up and you want to be ready, Don’t you? It includes a case of unknown material (possibly vintage weather balloon) and is only $49.95                                                                        

In mint condition…One of the best Mandolins we’ve had in a while. This was one of Washburn’s top models with a new $1426.00 list price–-It features a carved AAA solid spruce top as well as a solid AAA flamed maple back and sides.  It sounds amazing and plays like a dream. It includes the original hardshell case. If you want great sound and playability you can’t go wrong at $749.95

One of the best values around, the Hoedown banjo is a throwback to the 1960’s Harmony banjo, but with many upgrades. Like the Harmony it has a “resotone”(okay - it’s plastic)shell. The hoedown features deluxe tuners including a geared 5th string tuner. While this all may sound unimpressive, you’ll be surprised when you play it. It plays easily (After a Golden Ring Set Up) and sounds better than many of the import banjos at twice the price. The Hoedown is available in open back (Shown) at only $199.99 or as a resonator  model $219.95.  If you’re looking for a first banjo or a second one for camping etc. you can’t go wrong. -Play one - Be Amazed!

Handmade in California with a solid cedar top,solid cherrywood sides and back. Carved scroll shaped head with rosewood nut and saddle. A Sweet bright sound.  Only $299.95

Tanglewood’s hard to find Bluegrass Union banjo is amazing for the price–-Featuring 24 brackets and a full alloy flathead tone ring, giving it that solid bluegrass tone. Visually, it’s traditional fingerboard inlays and beautiful maple shell and resonator hark back to the “good old Days”. Classic looks,and classic sound.$499.95

Tanglewood’s New electric Mandolin. Echoing the traditional F style Mandolins, there is nothing traditional about this one. Great for blues and Americana music - Run it with chorus or Reverb and it’s great for any band. Just $369.95

Classic Old time open back banjo Featuring a rolled brass tone ring, Fyberskin old time head, planetary Ashton Bailey tuners (including a geared 5th String tuner), a rosewood fingerboard and a mahogany rim. A great banjo with that old time sound. $399.95

This banjo has been caught in a time warp– it’s a virtually new American made (Boston) tenor banjo made in (according to the serial numbers) 1966 or 1967. It includes the original hardshell case (Also in mazing condition). The old Vega banjos are legendary and this one is priced about the same as a decent import. $599.95

Folk Instruments

Mint condition used Mountain Dulcimer hand crafted by legendary Kentucky builder Warren May. This dulcimer is all solid wood –Made from Kentucky Black Walnut. It includes the original plush lined chipboard case. Amazing sound! $395.95

The Unofficial Uke             Of      Sputnikfest !

Golden Ring is proud to offer White River Hammered Dulcimers. This instrument, made in Indiana offers 3 full octaves in the keys of D and G.

This sweet sounding dulcimer would make any player, a happy player. With a sweet sound, large playing range, beautiful aesthetic, and small size it is sure to be your favorite instrument.

White River        Hammered Dulcimers

It is equipped with a Baltic Birch Plywood top, walnut top and bottom rails, hard maple pin blocks, and a Baltic Birch Ply back. It also features lovely Compass sound hole rosettes.

Included with this instrument Package is a  carrying case, hammers, tuning wrench, and an ingenious fold up stand that easily attaches to the case that makes one hand transporting of the the whole unit easy. This is a great sounding wonderful value for                                                 $595.95

Music on the Lakeshore Since 1972

Morgan Monroe MMS4 Mandolin

Unfortunately discontinued by MM, we have a few of these left. This is -hands down- one of the best sounding “Beginner” Mandolins. We have a few that are less expensive but when compared, most folks are willing to spend a bit more to get a LOT MORE BACK. Great sound and our pro setup. This IS the mandolin you want to start with! Hurry before they are gone!

Just $299.95

IT’S A UKE CRAZY WORLD! And why shouldn’t it be--- The uke is an easy instrument for adults and children alike to have a lot of fun with. GOLDEN RING MUSIC is, without a doubt, the areas best source for all thing ukulele – The best selection from $49.95 and up of all size ukes – soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone ukes. Acoustic electrics from $99.95. Accessories? You bet! Books, Cases, Tuners, strings and MORE! It’s time to join the uke fun at the uke experts