BRISTOL SESSIONS - Country Music Foundation - 2 lps set NM/NM-$20.00

A DAY IN THE MOUNTAINS -Old Time Music and Humor 1928 - County 512 NM/NM $15.00

OLD VIRGINIA FIDDLERS -County 201 NM/NM - still in shrink inc booklet $15.00


GEORGIA FIDDLE BANDS Vol 2 - County 544 -NM/VG++ bent corner $15.00

OLD TIME FIDDLE CLASSICS - County 507 - VG++/VG+ heavy ringwear $15.00

FIDDLERS CONVENTION IN MOUNTAIN CITY TENN - County 525 - NM/NM- faint ringwear n front -inc insert $17.00





NASHVILLE - EARLY STRINGBANDS - VOL 1 - County 541 -NM/VG++ $15.00

NASHVILLE - EARLY STRINGBANDS - VOL 2 - County 542 -VG++/VG++ $15.00

DON’T YOU REMEMBER THE TIME- Trad Fiddle Music of Mississippi -County 529 - Still Sealed - $20.00

MAPLE ON THE HILL - RCA Camden -898 -VG+/VG+ fake stereo $10.00

TENNESSEE STRINGS - Rounder 1033 - NM/NM -78’s - $15.00

SINGERS OF THE PIEDMONT-Folk Variety FV 12 505 1 - NM/NM - 78’s from Dave McCarn, Gwen Foster and the Carolina    Twins -Rare - $20.00


OLD TIME CLASSICS - A Collection of Mountain Songs - County 504 -VG++/NM minor wrinkle on front cover $15.00

OLD TIME MUSIC FROM KENTUCKY -1927-1937 Rounder 1037 -Still Sealed $15.00

HELL BROKE LOOSE IN GEORGIA - County 514 -VG+/VG+ stkr $15.00


SONGS OF THE RAILROAD - 1924-1934 - Vetco LP103 NM/VG+ ringwear $15.00

POOR MAN, RICH MAN - American Country Songs of Protest - Rounder 1026 - NM/NM- w/booklet $15.00


OLD TIME SOUTHERN DANCE MUSIC - Stringbands Vol 1 - Old Timey 100  VG++/VG++ stkr $15.00

SOUNDS LIKE JIMMY RODGERS - ACM 7 -VG++/NM- $25.00  inc Ernest Tub, Jimmie Davis ,Roy acuff, Red Foley etc     $15.00

SOUNDS LIKE JIMMY RODGERS  Volume 2 - ACM -19 Still Sealed - 20 songs by Gene Autry $15.00

SOUNDS LIKE JIMMY RODGERS  Volume 3 - ACM -20 Still Sealed - 20 songs by Jimmy Davis $15.00

SOUNDS LIKE JIMMY RODGERS SET - all three above $35.00

OLD TIME CLASSICS - A Collection of Mountain Banjo Songs & Tunes - County 515  VG++/NM - classic lp - $15.00

OLD TIME STRINGBAND CLASSICS - 1927-1933 - County 531 NM/VG++ very minor ringwear - stkr $15.00


BANJO PICKIN’ GIRL - Rounder 1029 NM/NM w/booklet $15.00

OLD TIME SOUTHERN DANCE MUSIC - Ballads and Songs - OLD TIMEY 102 -VG++ /VG++ stkr $15.00

WEST VIRGINIA HILLS - Early Songs from West Virginia - Old Homestead OHCS - 141 -NM/NM $15.00

MOUNTAIN BLUES- old time classics - a collection of - County 511 VG+/VG ringwear $15.00

TRADTIONAL COUNTRY CLASSICS - 1927-1929 - Historical HLP 8003 NM/NM very light ringwear $15.00

Early Rural Stringbands - RCA Vintage Series LPV-552 - Disc: Near Mint - Jacket: VG $20.00

Anthology of Country Music, Early Country Harmony -1930’s-ACM -1 Disc NM Jacket NM - Dixon Bros, Blue Sky Boys,

           Crowder Bros, Karl and Harty etc $15.00

Classic Country Duets- Old Timey 126 - Disc NM Jacket NM - Dixon Bros, Blue Sky Boys, Delmore Bros, Johnny & Jack            etc $15.00

Home in West Virginia West Va Project Vol 2- Old Homestead OHCS 177 Disc VG+Jacket VG + Rare 78’s from Frank

         Dudgeon, Jackson County Barn Owls, Kentucky Bootleggers etc $20.00

MINSTRELS & TUNESMITHS - Commercial Roots of Early Country Music JEMF - 109 no booklet NM/NM- very slight      ringwear on back - beautiful copy of this rare lp $25.00

PARAMOUNT OLD TIME TUNES - JEMF 103 - VG+/VG+ Rare $25.00 no booklet


BALLADS & SONGS OF THE BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAINS - PERSISTANCE & CHANGE - Folkways ASCH AH 3831 NM/VG++        includes booklet - $30.00

FOLK FESTIVAL OF THE SMOKIES - Vol 2- Traditional Records FFS-529 - NM-/VG++ Babe Stovall, Janette Carter, Frank George, Glen Ohrlin etc $15.00

VISITS - Heritage XXXIII - 2 lp set -NM/NM- cut corner $15.00

MUSIC FROM THE OZARKS - FOLKWAYS FS 3812 -Disc: NM/Jacket NM - includes booklet - $25.00

FINE TIMES AT OUR HOUSE- Indiana Ballads Fiddle tunes, Songs - Recorded by Pat Dunford and Art Rosenbaum -      NM/NM - includes booklet $25.00

TRADITIONAL MUSIC FROM GRAYSON & CARROLL COUNTIES - Folkways FS 3811 - features Glen Neaves, Vester Jones,      Wade Ward, Ed Spencer and Glen Smith - Disc NM Jacket NM- (slight splitting on bottom) includes booklet $27.00

BLUEGRASS FROM THE BLUERIDGE - Country Band Music of Virginia - Folkways FS 3832 - not bluegrass but old time      featuring Glen Smith, Wade Ward,Fields Ward and Others - nm-/nm- $27.00

WOLF RIVER SONGS-- Folkways FE 4001 - Disc: NM (white label) Jacket VG + no booklet $15.00

Instrumental Music of the Southern Mountains- Tradition TLP 1007 Disc :VG Jacket VG-- Wade Ward, Hobart Smith, Etta

             Baker etc $10.00

Southern Mountain Folksongs and Ballads -- Riverside RLP 12-617 Disc :VG+ (blue with silver lettering) Jacket G+ (Back              is heavily ring worn) Obray Ramsey, Artus Moser, Harry & Jeannie West Pegram & Parham etc $27.00

Friends of Old Time Music The Music - Disc D113 Disc VG Jacket VG named stamped on back - Live Recordings From the FOTM Concerts : Clarence  Ashley, Dock Boggs, Miss. John Hurt,Hobart Smith etc. $15.00

Old Time Banjo Project- Elektra Stereo EKS-7276 Disc VG+ Jacket VG + Classic 1960’s recording with Alan Block, Ralph           Lee Smith, John Cohen, Bob Siggins Winnie Winston as well as a 12 or 13 year old Rory Block on Guitar $20.00

Old Time Banjo Project- Elektra Stereo EKS-7276 Disc VG+ Jacket VG + except jacket is a missprint with a BLANK BACK.           Classic 1960’s recording with Alan Block, Ralph Lee Smith, John Cohen, Bob Siggins Winnie Winston as well as a           12 or 13 year old Rory Block on Guitar $17.00

Melodic Clawhammer Banjo -Kicking Mule KM 209 Disc VG+ Jacket VG + cut corner. Bob Carlin, Ken Perlman, Hank            Sapoznik, Andy Cahan, Dana Loomis $15.00

The Rackensack Vol 2- Rackensack LP 279 - Disc VG+ Jacket VG- Ringwear and splits on top and bottom and writing on            back -stkr on front . Artists from the Ozark Folk Center, Mountain View Arkansas: Jimmy Driftwood, Simmons            Family, McSpaddens, Otis Johnson etc...RARE $20.00

Folk Banjo Styles - Cover says Stereo EKL 7217, disc (red label with with large “E” ) says EKS-7217 - Disc VG++

          Jacket VG+ (slight ringwear) Classic 60’s banjo sampler with Art Rosenbaum, Tom Paley, Eric Weisberg $20.00

New England Contra Dance Music - Kicking Mule KM 216 - Disc VG+ Jacket VG+ Alan Block, George Wilson, Arm &           Hammer Stringband $15.00

Fox Hollow Lodge Stringband Festival - Vol 1 “Comin’ Home” - Biograph RC 6008 Disc VG + Jacket VG+ Live recordings

          Hotmud Family, Delaware Water Gap, Alan Block and Ebeezer ec. $15.00

Old Five String Clawhammer Banjo Solos- Heritage XXXIX Disc NM Jacket VG+ Banjo from the likes of Paul Brown,Andy

         Cahan,Bob Flesher and Ron Mullennex $25.00

The Old Time Banjo in America - Kicking Mule KM204 Disc NM Jacket VG+ Cut corner includes Tommy Thompson, Buell

         Kazee,Pat Dunford, Ola Belle Reed, John Burke, Reed Martin etc $25.00

Bad Man Ballads - Southern Journey 9 - Prestige International INT 25009 - VG/VG- Split top $15.00

Southern Clawhammer Banjo - Kicking Mule KM213 Disc VG+ Jacket VG -ring wear and wear on front - Cut corner         includes David Winston, Plank Road, Fred Cockerham and Susan Cahill $15.00


HOOTENANNY-LIVE AT THE BITTER END - FM 9192 - VG+/VG+ STKR and small split on bottom - Live recordings of Fred       Neil, Bob Carey, Jo Mapes and Len Chandler - Rare $27.00

BERKELEY FARMS -Old Time and Country Style Music of Berkeley -Folkways FA 2436 stereo - NM/NM inc booklet $17.00

BROADSIDE SINGERS - Broadside BR 303 - (COPY ONE) VG/VG- inc booklet - Pat Sky, Phil Ochs et all $20.00

BROADSIDE SINGERS - Broadside BR 303 - (COPY TWO) NM/VG+ stkr light ringwear - inc booklet - Pat Sky, Phil Ochs et       all $27.00

SONGS OF THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR -VOL 1 Folkways FH 5436 Pete Seeger etc VG+/VG- $10.00

OUT WEST - BERKELEY - Arhoolie F4001 VG+/VG+ promo stamp Perry Lederman, Ta Talbot, Janet Smith $15.00

ASCH RECORDINGS 1939-1945 - ASCH AA 4  VG/VG- split cover/dirt includes John Jacob Niles, Hobart Smith, Gary      Davis etc $20.00

HIGHWAY INTO HISTORY - SELMA To MONTGOMERY MARCH - a Live Recording of the 5 Days in March the World will long      Remember - VJ 8506 - NM/NM - a beautiful copy of this extremely rare lp $25.00

SONGS OF THE SEA - Folkways FTS 37315 - NM/NM-- inc. booklet - Utah Phillips etc $25.00

SAN DIEGO FOLK FEST ‘74- KPBS 101 - VG++/NM very slight ringwear on front - Beautiful copy of super rare lp       featuring live cuts from Utah Phillips, Kenny Hall Sam Chatmon and others $27.00

COME ALL YOU COAL MINERS - Rounder 4005 -NM/VG++ Nimrod Workman, Sarah Gunning etc -recorded 10/72 $15.00

EARLY SHAKER SPIRITUALS - Rounder 0078 -NM/NM no booklet $15.00

BROWN LUNG COTTON MILL BLUES - June Apple 006 - NM/NM - Guy Carawan, Si Kahn, John McCutcheon et al - no      booklet  $15.00

SIMPLE GIFTS -Pine Breeze 475577 -VG++/VG++ Sparky Rucker and others $17.00

PUGET SOUND WORKSHOP - Kicking Mule KM 128 - VG+/VG+ Eric Schoenberg, Rick Maedler etc $15.00

A PLACE TO BE - FOX HOLLOW 10th ANNIVERARY - Biograph BLP 12051  & YOU GOT MAGIC - Fox Valley 10th Anniversary -4 LP set --

Both of these lps were released without proper licensing on the songs used and were quickly withdrawn and replaced with alternate material - the originals are extremely rare -- here are all 4 lps - the original withdrawn lps and the replacement lps - All lps are in VG++ condition - all covers are in VG++ condition - a beautiful set. For tracklist information check out  -$80.00 sold only as a set.

YOU GOT MAGIC - Fox Valley 10th Anniversary Album BLP 12052 - Still Sealed. This is the extremely rare WITHDRAWN version with Utah Phillips etc (See for information) $30.00

COLORADO FOLK - Biscuit City BC1301CF - NM/VG+ some minor “bubbling” on back - with Mary & Katy, Jim Ransom,      Dan McCimmon and Grubstake (featuring Harry Tuft)$15.00

THE BADMEN - Legacy XLP 58360 -  VG++/VG++ - a product of Columbia Records - 2 discs - orange vinyl featuring       songs and stories - Pete Seeger, Sandy Bull, Jack Elliott, Harry Jackson, Ed Mc Curdy etc - Rare $40.00

EARL OF OLD TOWN - Dunwich 670 - VG++/NM- Steve Goodman, Jim Post, Fred Holstein Ed Holstein etc $25.00

Newport 64 - Evening Concerts Vol 1 - -- Vanguard VSD 79184 - Still Sealed $20.00

The Entertainer - - Kicking Mule KM122- Disc:NM- Jacket : VG - Missprint back has wrong printing for a Bownar Children’s       lp - promo stamp $15.00

Contemporary Guitar Sampler Vol 2 -- Transatlantic TRASAM 15 - Disc:NM- Jacket : VG+ $15.00 - Jansch, Giltarp,       Renbourn, Rogers, James

Contemporary Guitar Sampler -- Transatlantic TRASAM 14 - Disc:NM- Jacket : VG+ $15.00 - McTell, Jansch,      Giltrap,Fahey, Pearse,Pentangle

Pacific Rim Dulcimer Project - Flying Fish FF307 Disc : NM Jacket VG++ Neal Hellman, Michael Rugg,Robert Force, Bonnie         Carol etc $18.00

FOLK - ALL STAR HOOTENANNY- Riverside 7539 Disc : VG+ (red label with black tape recorder at top) Jacket VG++ no l          live material - Record label sampler with Odetta, Oscar Brand, Bob Gibson,Billy Faier etc - great clean copy $15.00

Blues Project - Elektra Stereo EKS 72-64 - LP - - Disc: Near Mint Jacket: VG+ + 1960’s recordings of Van Ronk, Muldaur              Eric Von Schmidt, Ian Buchanan and Bob Landy (Dylan) etc $19.00

Come For To Sing- LP - Pathways Of Sound 1033 - Disc: VG+ Jacket VG+ Includes material by Eric Von Schmidt, Carolyn        Hester, Jackie Washington, Jack Elliott and Rolf Cahn who recorded this for this album and has not been reissued on        any other lp or Cd - nice Von Schmidt Cover $50.00

After 10 Years - Elderly Instruments - Spin of Desire 001 Disc :NM Jacket NM- Live concert recordings of Joel Mabus,               Kitty Donohoe, Bosom Buddies etc $15.00

All The Folk There is Recorded LIVE at the American Hootenanny Festival- 20th Century Stereo TFS 4121 Disc

           VG+ Jacket VG Live 1963 recordings of the Greenbriar Boys, Logan English, Judy Roderick etc $35.00

Our Singing Heritage - ELEKTRA 151 Disc :VG- Jacket VG- This extremely rare lp includes Dave Van Ronk's earliest            recordings-(2 cuts) 1958 before the Lyrichord label Jug band lp. This lp also includes cuts from Peggy Seeger,            Paul Clayton and others. This well played lp has a few problems, but the Van Ronk cuts play well-just don't            expect CD sound! SUPER RARE  $40.00

The Folk Scene - ELEKTRA SMP6 Disc :VG Jacket VG Label sampler includes: Bob Gibson, Josh White, Jack Elliott, Sandy           Paton,Oscar Brand etc $15.00

Some People Who Play Guitar Like a Lot Of People Don’t -Kicking Mule KM 104 Disc VG+ Jacket VG Woody Mann,

           Stefan Grossman, Roy Bookbinder, Gary Davis a 70’s classic - $19.00

Folk Music of the Newport Folk Festival 1959-60 Vol 1 - Folkways FA 2431 Disc VG+ Jacket -VG minor split - No Booklet

       -Pete Seeger, Mike Seeger, Frank Hamilton,Alan Mills,etc $20.00

Folk Music of the Newport Folk Festival 1959-60 Vol 2 - Folkways FA 2432 Disc VG+ Jacket VG- some minor staining and

        corner wear Guy Carawan, New Lost City Ramblers, Frank Warner, Fleming Brown Pete Seeger, Mike Seeger, Frank         Hamilton,Alan Mills,etc $20.00

Folk Festival at Newport (1959) Vol 2 - Vanguard VRS 9063 Disc VG+ Jacket VG- BB hole Joan Baez, Bob Gibson,New         Lost City Ramblers, Odetta etc $20.00

Folk Festival at Newport (1959) Vol 3 - Vanguard VRS 9064 Disc VG Jacket VG- ring wear - splitting $20.00


FLATPICKING GUITAR - Kicking Mule KM210 -NM/VG+ cut corner - Steve Kaufman, Eric Thompson Dan Crary etc $15.00

EARLY DAYS OF BLUEGRASS-VOL 01 - Rounder 1013 -NM/NM includes booklet $15.00

EARLY DAYS OF BLUEGRASS-VOL 02 - Rounder 1014 -NM/NM includes booklet $15.00

EARLY DAYS OF BLUEGRASS-VOL 05 - Rounder 1017 -NM/NM includes booklet $15.00

AMERICAN BANJO TUNES & SONGS IN SCRUGGS STYLE- Folkways FA 2314 - Disc (blue label)NM Jacket NM - No Booklet      $29.00

Anthology of Recorded Bluegrass the 1950’s- Collector’s classics #19 Disc :NM Jacket NM- 12 Rare 50’s recordings by

             Dee Stone and the Va Mountain Boys, Harley Gabbard & Abrey Holt and the Logan Valley Boys, Hobo Jack              Adkins & The Kentucky Pals etc $15.00


LIBRARY OF CONGRESS AFS L2- Anglo-American Shanties, Lyric Songs, Dance Tunes and spirituals NM/NM $30.00  

LIBRARY OF CONGRESS AFS L14 - Anglo-American Songs and Ballads - NM/NM includes Booklet $20.00

LIBRARY OF CONGRESS AAFS L1 - Anglo-American Ballads - STILL SEALED $20.00

LIBRARY OF CONGRESS AFS L7 - Anglo-American Ballads -  NM/NM includes Booklet $20.00

LIBRARY OF CONGRESS AFS L28 - Cowboy Songs, Ballads - NM/NM- includes Booklet $20.00

LIBRARY OF CONGRESS AFS L20 - Anglo-American Songs and Ballads - Still Sealed  $20.00

LIBRARY OF CONGRESS AFS L60 - Songs and Ballads of the Bitunous Miners - Still Sealed  $20.00

LIBRARY OF CONGRESS AAFS L55 -Folk Music From Wisconsin -VG-/VG- Red Vinyl - no booklet $20.00

LIBRARY OF CONGRESS AFS L12 - Anglo-American Songs and Ballads -VG++/NM includes Booklet $20.00

 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS AFS L16 - Songs and Ballads of the Anthricite Miners - Still Sealed  $20.00

LIBRARY OF CONGRESS AAFS L30 - Songs of the Mormons and Songs of the West - VG-/VG-  Red Vinyl   $20.00

Folk Music of the United States - Folk Music From Wisconsin - Library of Congress AAFS L55 -Disc:NM- (unplayed)       Jacket : VG+++ no booklet $20.00

Songs of The Michigan Lumberjacks- Lib of Congress AAFS L56 - Disc M Jacket M no booklet $20.00

Folk Music of the United States - Songs and Ballads of American History and of the Assassination of Presidents - Library          of Congress AAFS L29 - Disc:VG- RED VINYL wol Jacket : G+ stickers tear etc -no booklet $20.00


THE JUG BANDS- RF RECORDS 6 (Folkways)Very Rare Early White Label RBF issue in wonderful condition VG++/VG++           stkr - One of the early Sam Charters reissues $35.00

PLEASE WARM MY WEINER - YAZOO L-1043 - Great R Crumb cover- NM-/VG+ very slight ringwear $35.00

WE THREE KINGS- Muddy Waters-Little Walter-Howling Wolf-(50’s & 60’s tracks) Syndicate Chapter 05 -Sealed $15.00

RECORDING THE BLUES - CBS 52797 -British issue produced by Paul Oliver to illustrate his book. Rare NM-/VG++       $30.00

BLUES ROOTS/MISSISSIPPI -- RBF 14 - Disc:NM- Jacket : clean but top split - 2 small stickers - early blues reissue by        Sam Charters $27.00

REALLY! THE COUNTRY BLUES -- OJL2 - Disc:NM- Jacket : VG++ - rare early blues reissue $27.00

THE COUNTRY BLUES VOL 2 -- BLUES CLASSICS 6 - Disc:VG+- Jacket : VG+- early blues reissue from Arhoolie $15.00

JUG JOOK & WASHBOARD BANDS -- Blues Classics 2 - Disc: VG++ Jacket : VG++- early blues reissue $15.00

Voice of the Blues - Bottleneck Guitar Masterpieces -- Yazoo L-1046 - Disc:NM- Jacket : VG++ small amount of        ringwear 1 small sticker - early blues reissue $20.00

Jugs, Washboards & Kazoos -- RCA Vintage Series LPV-540 Disc:NM- Jacket : VG++- (small sticker) -early blues reissue        $20.00

When Women Sang The Blues-- Blues Classics 26 Disc:NM- Jacket : VG+++ early blues reissue $15.00

Memphis Blues-- ROOTS RL 329 Disc:NM Jacket : VG++ Ringwear 2 small stickers - early blues reissue $20.00

Women of the Blues-- RCA Vintage Series LPV-534 3805 Disc:NM Jacket : VG+ slight edgewear and small sticker- early        blues reissue $20.00

Blues Singers - Jazz Sounds of the Twenties-- Swaggie S1240 Disc:NM Jacket : NM– - early classic blues reissue $15.00

Country Blues Classics Volume 3 - Blues Classics 7 - Disc:NM- Jacket : VG edgewear and slight bottom separation -       $15.00

Story of the Blues - Columbia G 30008- Discs:NM- Jacket : VG ringwear - small sticker -$35.00 2 lp set of historic blues       to illustrate Paul Olivers book

A History of Jazz- The New York Scene -- RBF-3 - Disc:NM Jacket :NM includes booklet $15.00

WILD WOMEN DON”T HAVE THE BLUES- Rosetta RR1304 - Disc NM Jacket NM (slight ringwear) $15.00

Harmonica Blues- Yazoo 1053 -R CRUMB COVER Disc : NM -Jacket: VG++ Small strkr on front and top ringwear (doesn’t        affect artwork) $35.00

THE JUG BANDS- (Folkways) RF Records 6 - Disc : NM - (white label) Jacket: VG++ Small strkr on front -includes booklet        - $35.00

Country Blues Classics Volume 1- Blues Classics 5 - Disc : NM -Jacket: VG except Small strkr on Front $15.00

Kings of the 12 String Guitar - LP - Flyright FLY LP 101 - Disc: Near Mint Jacket: VG+ small Stkr on Front - Reissue of        Piedmont lp - Barbecue Bob - McTell etc $25.00

Roots of Robert Johnson - Yazoo L1073 Disc :NM Jacket NM- Blues from 78’s - GREAT PAINTING ON COVER $15.00

JUGS 1927 1933- OJL 4 Disc :VG Jacket VG ringwear- no booklet - classic lp $25.00


SONGS WE TAUGHT YOUR MOTHER (Alberta Hunter,Lucille Hegamin, Victoria Spivey) OBC-520 - Still Sealed $15.00

MEMPHIS SWAMP JAM - Blue Thumb BTS 6000- NM/VG ringwear and drilled hole - 2 lp -Bukka White, SJ Estes, Fred      McDowell, Furry Lewis etc $15.00   

RARE BLUES - TAKOMA BLUES SERIES -TAK 7081 NM/NM -Unreleased recordings of Son House, Big Joe Williams, Robert     Wilkins etc $15.00

BLUES WITH BIG BILL BROONZEY, SONNNY TERRY, BROWNIE McGHEE -Folkways FS 3817  - NM/NM- slight ringwear on     back - includes booklet $15.00

THREE KINGS & THE QUEEN - Spivey 1004 - VG+/VG+ Big Joe Williams (W/ Bob Dylan) Roosevelt Sykes, Lonnie      Johnson $25.00

KINGS & THE QUEEN - VOL 2 - Spivey 1014 - NM-/VG+ Big Joe Williams (w/ Bob Dylan), Memphis Slim, Lonnie Johnson,      Roosevelt Sykes (W/ John Hammond) $25.00

MEMPHIS BLUES AGAIN - An Anthology of Blues today in Memphis Vol 2 - Adelphi AD1010S - features Bukka White,     Sleepy John Estes and Others -  Disc - VG++/VG- (Even though there is ringwear on the deluxe foldout lp jacket the     insides pictures are all mint) $25.00

(Lipscomb,Chenier, Hopkins) - 2nd Annual Berkeley Blues Festival and Dance -- Arhoolie F1030 -Disc:VG++ Jacket : VG+        $15.00

Can’t Keep From Crying -Topical Blues n the Death of President Kennedy (Big Joe Williams, Johnny Young etc etc) -        Testament S-01- Disc:NM Jacket: : NM- $15.00

American Skiffle Bands- Folkways FA 2610 - Disc :NM Jacket NM- 12 Rare 50’s & 60’s recordings of the Memphis              Jugband, Cannon’s Jugstompers Mobile Strugglers recorded by Sam Charters - a classic in wonderful condition                $35.00

Harmonica Blues of ...- Storyville SLP 4008 Disc :NM Jacket NM- 12 Rare Harmonica recordings of Sonny Terry -Dr Ross-              Hammie Nixon-Sonny Boy Williamson recorded in Europe 60’s and early 70’s $15.00

Southern Prison Blues - Tradtion 2066 Disc :NM Jacket NM- Harry Oster Recordings $15.00

On The Road Again Anthology of Chicago Blues 47-54- Muskadine #100 Disc :NM Jacket NM- small writing on cover


GOING TO THE COUNTRY - Rounder 2012  NM/NM David Evans recorded collection of Louisiana and Mississippi Bluesmen         inc Jack Owens, Mager Johnson etc no booklet - $15.00

SUPER BLUES BAND -(H. Wolf, M. Watters & Bo Diddley) Checker stereo LPS 3010 Still Sealed sawcut $20.00


The Following group of Lps were produced mostly for libraries - they are all double fold covers with additional sheets making them almost like a 12” book. The Information inside contains detailed information on performers, some lyrics, historic and discographic information -all of these are xceptionally clean and provide a wonderful educational look at American Roots Music and a worthy addition to any folk music collection.

That’s My Rabbit, My Dog Caught it- New World NW 226 Disc : NM- Jacket VG++ Collection of Field recordings and 78’s -           jacket is fold out -with in depth information on songs and some lyrics - hard to find in this condition $20.00

Let’s Get Loose- New World NW 290 Disc : NM- Jacket VG++ Collection of Field recordings and 78’s - jacket is fold out          with in depth information on songs and some lyrics - hard to find in this condition $20.00

Hills of Home - Thirty Years of Bluegrass- New World NW 225 Disc : NM- Jacket VG++ Collection of Field recordings and          78’s - jacket is fold out with in depth information on songs and some lyrics - 18 Bluegrass Recordings from Bill           Monroe to the Newgrass Revival.hard to find in this condition $20.00

Country Music South & West- New World NW 287 Disc : NM- Jacket VG (small split on bottom) Collection of Field           recordings and 78’s - jacket is fold out with in depth information on songs and some lyrics - History of Country -           Jimmy Rodgers, Carter Family,Gene Autry, Blue sky Boys etc- hard to find in this condition $20.00

Going Down The Valley Vocal and Instrumental Styles in Folk Music from The South - New World NW 236 Disc : NM-            Jacket VG Slight ringwear on back and small stkr as well as some splitting on top- Collection of Field recordings            and 78’s - jacket is fold out with in depth information on songs and some lyrics - Early string band and solo             artists -hard to find in this condition $20.00

Oh, My Little Darling - Folk Song Types - New World NW 245 Disc : NM- Jacket VG+ Collection of Field recordings and             78’s - jacket is fold out with in depth information on songs and some lyrics - Includes: Almeda Riddle,Fields             Ward,Josh White, Clarece Ashley, Phipps Holiness Singers etc. hard to find in this condition $20.00


VIRGINIA TRADITIONS - Blue Ridge Piano Styles - BRI 005 - Still Sealed $20.00

Virginia Traditions - Native Va Ballads and Songs - BRI 004 Disc :VG Jacket G+(ringwear, rip etc) no Booklet - Hobart              Smith,Spence Moore etc - $15.00

Various Artist Collections