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THREE KINGS & THE QUEEN - Spivey 1004 KINGS & THE QUEEN - VOL 2 - Spivey 1014 -See follk Collections

Bob Dylan - Don’t Look Back - Unplayed LASERDISC with NM jacket -sawcut- $25.00

Bob Dylan - Saved - “Hands” Cover, Greece Release, Still Sealed -$20.00

Bob Dylan - Saved - “Hands” Cover, NM/NM- stkr - $15.00

Bob Dylan - Zimmerman - Looking Back  - 2 LP Zerocks Label- Extremely rare - cover VG+, slight ringwear and small sticker, discs

       are VG+ extremely clean $45.00

Bob Dylan - The Villager - 2 LP Extremely rare early copy . Slipcover in VG- condition except for writing on it. Discs are

       BLUE Kathy & Steve labels - and are in VG+ condition $50.00

Bob Dylan - Saint Valentine 's Day Massacre BOX SET  Trade mark of Quality TMQ 63001 - Incredible production - 3 LP set Box in

       VG+ condition, some minor ringwear, although it shows wear on the bottom where it would sit on the shelf, the front in back        are very good, discs are VG+ also. RARE $75.00

Bob Dylan Early 60's Revisited  LP Trade Mark of Quality TMQ 71083 VG+/VG+ sticker $60.00 Incredible Wm Stout Cover. This is        the original issue with printed cover, not a slipcover - ultimate COOL

Bob Dylan - Dylan 's Basement Tape- Million Dollar Bash  VG+/VG+ No label - writing on record label -$20.00

Bob Dylan "Ceremoies" of the Horseman  LP Highway HIGH FI 107 (original 1974 issue) VG+/VG+ minor woc,wol $20.00

Bob Dylan Melbourne Australia LP Original 1974 Trade Mark of Quality Deluxe Series - silver label - TMQ61002 VG+/VG+ small

      stkr Ringwear $ 45.00 Incredible Colored Cover by Wm Stout - a rare classic

Bob Dylan The Great Summer Event - BD in Paris July 3-6  LP RR 17624 Still Factory Sealed $25.00

Bob Dylan - Life Sentence -  2 lp set, audifon label - still sealed (in japanese resealable package) $27.00

Bob Dylan- Don’t Look Back - Warner Brothers LASERDISC unplayed Disc NM/NM $50.00

Bob Dylan - At Budokan - LP CBS Sony ADAP 1100 Japanese 2 lp set with booklet discs in NM- condition, / VG some ringwear on         back $25.00

Carolyn Hester (w/ dylan on harp) - Columbia CL1796 (6 eyes label) VG-/VG- stkr $25.00

Carolyn Hester (w/ dylan on harp) - Columbia CL1796 (later 2 eyes label) VG+/VG $40.00

Bob Dylan/ Sebastian Cabot Sebastion Cabot Reads Bob Dylan LP MGM E4431 NM/VG $10.00 Dylan is NOT on this recording,        Cabot reads 12 of his songsl

Bob Dylan Self Portrait LP Columbia C2X30050 VG+/VG minor splittingl $15.00

Bob Dylan Another Side of LP Columbia CL2193 original issue MONO VG/VG - ringwear on front, small stkr on front & back $20.00

Various -Bob Dylan All-Star Hootenanny LP Columbia CL2122 VG+/VG WOC $10.00 Features Blowin in the Wind plus Dylan playing        harp behind Carolyn Hester

Various -Bob Dylan When We're Together with the Folk Sound LP Columbia CSP 280 Limited Edition for PHILCO VG+/VG+ $10.00       Old red one eye label - Dylan's Tambourine Man is included as well as an out take photo from his first lp on the cover (fairly       small)

Various -Bob Dylan Hootenanny Special LP Columbia Special ProductsCSP216 stereo (from Zenith) VG/VG- some ringwear WOC       $10.00 tFeature Don't Think Twice, House of the Rising Sun - Old 2 eye Columbia cover

Bob Dylan Band of The Hand Soundtrack LP MCA 6167 Factory Sealed $10.00

Harry Belefonte/Bob Dylan Midnight Special LP RCA LSP2449 Stereo Factory sealed, although some of the seal is split and peeling.        Cut corner and some ringwear thru seal $15.00 Dylan plays harp on title track

Dick Farina. Eric Von Schmidt Dick Farina. LP British Folklore F-LEUT/7 NM/VG+ $85.00 Super rare lp featuring Bob Dylan (as Blind        Boy Grunt)

Bob Dylan 20 Years Have Already Passed LP History of Records HR DLP 5210 NM/NM $15.00 Import (Greece?) of 60's material

Bob Dylan Historical Archives Volume 2 LP Go International G1 LP 2 NM/NM (probably unplayed) $15.00 Italian import with early       60's "Finjan Tape" selections

Bob Dylan Little White Wonder Vol. 1 LP Buhay BHL 8001 NM/VG some ringwear $10.00

Bob Dylan Blonde on Blonde LP Columbia C2L 41VG/VG- ring wear $35.00 "women" version - "two eye" mono lp

Bob Dylan - London Interview - LP - Columbia AS 1259 - NM/NM - $30.00

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